Collection management and evaluation

The aggregation of bibliographic data between libraries, regionally, nationally or globally can provide valuable insight back to the community that stewards those collections. By understanding the profile of titles held, the formats they are held in and the conditions under which they might be borrowed or accessed, libraries can make more effective, data-driven collection management decisions.

The UK library community is grappling with two core challenges as budgets come under threat: firstly, the need to make important decisions about the ongoing management of print and digital book collections, and secondly, to ensure that researchers and learners have sustainable and convenient access to digital books.

Delivering on a vision for a UK national digital library, Jisc began a partnership with OCLC to build a new shared service that aggregates academic bibliographic data at scale, improving library collection management and resource discovery for students and researchers.

The National Bibliographic Knowledgebase (as it is known), is regarded as a key element in the solution to these challenges, providing a source of information that libraries can confidently rely upon when making decisions about the future of resources they manage and make accessible.

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