Enhance fulfilment services including inter-lending and document delivery

The rapid growth in e-commerce sites has built the expectation that items discovered online can be easily accessed or obtained. In libraries as well, users expect to access information quickly even when the library doesn’t hold the item discovered. OCLC’s infrastructure can be integrated with ILL management to support resource sharing within national boundaries and across continents.

Libraries Australia is a resource sharing service managed by the National Library of Australia for Australian libraries and their users. At the heart of the project is the Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) which is managed on OCLC software. More than 1,000 academic and public libraries including the National Library contribute to the more than 25 million bibliographic records and 50 million holdings in ANBD. Libraries Australia currently supports in excess of 230,000 document delivery requests every year. OCLC offers options to put ILL management firmly at the centre of operations to support a user experience where delivery of items happens as efficiently as possible.