Flexible software to meet a region’s needs

In 1979, in the Netherlands, the UKB consortium (all university libraries and the KB, the Dutch National Library) commissioned the development of the National Information Infrastructure. For many years, they enjoyed a solid foundation in this infrastructure, which consisted of the GGC catalog and NCC-IBL for resource sharing. Special and public libraries joined the initiative at a later stage, after which PiCarta, the end user discovery and delivery service, was introduced. Today, more than 300 Dutch libraries participate.

In 2014, the UKB libraries began transitioning from the National Information Infrastructure to the WorldShare Platform. The project was completed in January 2017. This transition has multiplied the IT capabilities of the universities and provided the opportunity of joining an international community of librarians who cooperatively maintain and enhance metadata. Now, they are gearing up for the rollout of a national ILL service using WorldShare ILL in 2019 and from PiCarta to WorldCat Discovery, where even further efficiencies can be realized.

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