Regional connections build global understanding

All over the world, national libraries and other strategic library bodies are overseeing library cooperation to foster effective services within regions. Such work requires robust infrastructure, with agreed standards and protocols. For 50 years, OCLC has offered solutions that can support the needs of regional cooperation. Syndeo can:

  1. Support standards, authorities and formats which can operate for an entire region or country to ensure effective cross-collaboration for libraries in that region.
  2. Offer functionality that supports ‘in-region’ library activities, for instance metadata management or interlibrary loan.
  3. Provide an accurate record of the collective holdings of a region or country in the form of a union catalog or knowledge base.

Syndeo has metadata functions that enable the bulk loading of data from a distributed network of libraries, as well as the provision of online cataloging facilities for record creation, indexing and authority records maintenance. Syndeo provides the mechanism through which groups of libraries cross-region or country can hold, retrieve and display metadata as a single collection.

Its significant point of difference from other software solutions used by regional groupings of libraries is its inbuilt connectivity to the global data network, WorldCat. For the thousands of libraries around the world that operate their metadata workflows within region, they can do so using Syndeo while at the same time see their collections being made visible and accessible through WorldCat. Millions of information-seekers and researchers worldwide can view these collections in real-time, without any alteration to existing workflows.